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Computer skills, web skills, soft skills and hand skills. Well, you could get yourself a true cross-functional human, ready to take on almost any task.
I like to dig deep into details for every thing. Yes, it might take some time to get familiar with something but once I do, there is only solution-forward from that point on.



  • Image manipulation – Adobe Photoshop
  • Vector image manipulation – Corel Draw (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Web design – Adobe Photoshop


  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • SQL
  • e – Commerce


  • Git
  • Jira & Confluence

Soft skills

  • Flexible
  • Forward thinking
  • Problem-solving oriented
  • Resourceful
  • Effective in communication

Hand skills

  • Vinyl stickers and car wraps (have worked in the industry for various years).
  • Dry wall know how (Personal home complete renovation).
  • Chainsaw know how (You got to cut down some trees to build yourself a comfortable outdoor lounge).
  • Floor laying (laminate and vinyl).
  • Hand tools are no mystery to me (Have worked at door and window manufacturer. Oh, complete home renovation also).
  • Electric wiring (Even though they say that electricity is the only B* that does not let to be touched).
  • And above all, you show me the tools, give me a quick tour, and I’ll use them.

Want to know if those skills produced anything?

You are welcome to check it out at the Worked On section.
Disclaimer: If not enough content yet, I’ll fill it up ASAP (is it not funny how ASAP sounds like NOW, but if I would say As Soon As Possible it would actually mean that?? 🙂

Where do I want to go?

Well, my main focus is in IT branch. So yes, my computer skills need enhancements.
How do I plan to achieve this? By constant learning and developing.

Developing? I heard developing!

Yes, developing my skills. But it is true that I have also started with various developing courses. Firstly, Web Development – HTML/CSS/JS. And it is the JavaScript that I believe can take me somewhere. Can’t wait to get to Vue, React and Angular. You will soon be able to follow my projects on GitHub.