A.A. via LinkedIn

I have worked with Tilen for almost 2 years and he stood out with his forward-thinking abilities and motivation to grow and learn. He was our main contact for all API connectivity related clients and has excelled in his job, even with toughest clients. I was always impressed with Tilen’s ability to manage multiple projects at once and his “lead by example” attitude. As a Product Manager he was always excited to bring new ideas to life, excelled in writing documentation and was able to effectively communicate with different departments in a company. I am sure Tilen will be an asset to any company and truly hope I can work with him again.

P.F. via LinkedIn

I’ve trusted Tilen with external partners management, data integrations, product features, internal technical coaching and testing. He has a strong professional attitude as a communicator and collaborator. He is fun to work with and specially focused on the outcomes. Tilen is also an excellent coach for developing technical skills in non-technical teams and knows how to manage them for the benefit of the company. Once he understands the purpose of a task his next step is to coordinate and communicate execution between developers, QA managers, end-users and product managers in a motivating manner. His good understanding of the development process helps him to keep track of programming activities which he is responsible for. Tilen has a positive working spirit, is quick to learn new things even on the most technical side, such as reading source code, preparing API request examples and doing lookups in a database.

A.G. via FB

I’ve met Tilen about a year and a half ago when joining our team in one of the leading online car rental brokerage companies. Ambitious as hell he wasted no time but immediately stepped forward and gain the industry knowledge. I don’t know Tilen’s past experiences, but I am confident when describing the following skills, he has:
– Advanced knowledge of key project management tools such as Jira and Trello. I always respected Tilen’s agile approach to problem-solving
– Creating API collections with tools such as Postman
– Advanced knowledge of CRM tools and customer-relationship tools (Zopim & DeskPro)
– Convenient with web development, SQL, Html, CSS
– …
The above could last forever and there are certainly things anyone can learn (!). What you can’t learn is being modest as yourself, you are a true professional with excellent communication skills and highly emotionally intelligent. Freaking awesome TEAM PLAYER! Hands on you will be an added value to the company … ANY company.
I enjoyed working with you and can only hope our paths will cross one day!

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